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I'm so excited and feel very honored to be able to wake you up with The Best Country Around!
​It's my mission to help you get your day started the right way with your daily dose of local headlines, weather, entertainment news, and great country music! Have a song you'd like to hear? Maybe one you haven't heard in a while? Give me a call and let me know!

Born in Little Rock and raised right here in Conway County, listening to KVOM has been an essential part of my life. Being involved in radio (especially local radio) has been a dream of mine for years.

Tune in every weekday morning for your shot at great contests and prizes! You never know what you could win! - Hunter
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Funny/Interesting News from the show...

A Florida gas station employee really thought that she would get away with pre-scratching lottery tickets - pocketing the winners and selling the losers.
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​This argument over a check out line got pretty heated. So much, that one lady pulled a gun on another lady in a Publix parking lot in Florida.
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It's a MUST for car owners to check under their hoods because of an apparent squirrel problem. Who knew!?
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A South Carolina woman became enraged after another woman used her phone in a movie theater. She threw some popcorn at her, and the fight began.
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